Osteria La Bocca Buona - Bra (CN)
Osteria La Bocca Buona - Bra (CN)

First and foremost the quality of the ingredients is the idée fixe of our Chef, who selects his foods from producers of proven experience.

Our cuisine is seasonal and offers creatively revisited dishes hailing from the rich regional and Italian traditions. We take special pride in our original seafood offerings, but the superb meats of Piedmont also receive the care and creativity they deserve. A rich and varied menu, reasonably priced, offering unparalleled dining pleasure: this is the pledge of our Osteria La Bocca Buona.

Osteria La Bocca Buona • Via Audisio 22, Bra (CN) • Tel. 0172 426031 • info@laboccabuona.it
P.iva 03134990047
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